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Legacy SYM RV 200cc

Quick Details

The Sym RV 200 is a scooter with comfortable seating for both the passenger and operator. With 60 liters of storage capacity, the RV 200 is great for those all-day snorkeling and shopping adventures on Kauai. Spacious and speedy, the RV 200 scooter will get you and your stuff anywhere on Kauai.

Rates & Duration

Starting at $90 · 1 Day Rental

More Information

LEGACY scooter category was created to provide renters with a mechanically sound vehicle at a fraction of the cost for our newer models. The Legacy scooters have over 12,000 miles with minor cosmetic imperfections, but perform optimally and are maintained regularly.


Day(s) Rate Total
1 $90 $90
2 $80 $160
3 $75 $225
4 $70 $280
5 $60 $300
6 $55 $330
7 $50 $350
Scooter Rental Requirements:
  • Operator of the vehicle must be 21 YEARS OR OLDER.
  • Operator of the vehicle must possess a VALID MOTORCYCLE LICENSE (Absolutely NO permit, substitute, etc. will be accepted).
  • Operator of the vehicle must WEAR EYE PROTECTION AT ALL TIMES while riding the vehicle.
  • Operator of the vehicle will be PROVIDED WITH A HELMET AND MUST WEAR THE HELMET AT ALL TIMES while riding the vehicle.
  • Operator of the vehicle must possess a valid CREDIT CARD.
We Will Provide:
  • Helmets
  • Locks
  • Maps (online)
  • 171cc
  • Top speed:  72 mph
  • 70 mpg
  • 32” seat height
  • Stepped seating with backrest for passenger
  • 20 Liter under seat storage
  • 40 Liter rear top case
Cancellation Policy

View our policy here > 

*Free delivery and pick up with minimum requirement, helmets and locks 
included. Minimum requirements are as follows:

*Motorcycle: 1 motorcycle for 1 day. Approximate cost: $150.00 + tax 
*300cc and 400cc Scooters: 1 scooter for 1 day. Approximate cost: 
$135.00+ tax 
*49cc Moped AND Fiddle 200cc scooter: 2 mopeds/Fiddle scooters or a 
combination of 2 bikes for 
1 day; OR 1 moped/Fiddle scooter for 2 days. Approximate cost: $135.00 + 

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About Us

When people first see our two-wheeled rentals, they commonly refer to both type of vehicles as “scooters.” One being just a little larger than the other. However, they are entirely different. Mopeds are 49cc vehicles and one only person is allowed on the moped. You only need a valid drivers license and be at least 18 years old to operate. So the thing you see everyone zipping around on is most likely a moped, not a scooter. A scooter is entirely different, they are classified as a motorcycle and you may seat two people. A motorcycle license is required and you must be at least 21 years old to rent a scooter.

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